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When it comes to setting up a computer business, one definitely needs to analyze the networking of computers, that is, how your computers are going to communicate with each other.

There are two possible ways in which a computer can communicate

  • Wired networking
  • Wireless networking

Wired networking:

As the name implies, the wired network involves connecting the computers with one another and with other computer accessories with wire.

One may have a question on mind that why people still use wired networking when wireless networks are commonly used today. Yes, wireless networks are used by everyone these days but when you compare the speed of wireless with the wired network, wired networks beat it.

In case, a computer has to communicate with more than one device, the communication requires certain important devices like

  • Hubs:

When a single message passed has to reach multiple systems or if the message destination varies from time to time, then one can use a hub.

Though it is possible to connect multiple systems with one another through different cables at a time, it will look untidy over the place. When there is a problem in one system then it becomes really difficult to sort out which wire belongs to which system. So, the hub is the best way used to connect computers to a network.

When all the computers are connected to the network through a hub, every computer can see what is on the other computer.

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  • Switches:

    These are similar to hubs except for a major difference which indicates that switches or better than hubs

In case of using hub, when a message has to be sent from system (A) to system (B), the hub will send it to all the computers that are connected to it and when the system (B) responds to it, it is also sent to all the computers connected to the hub.

This is not the case when using the switch. When a system (A) sends a message to the system(B), it sends the message only to that particular system and not to every other computer connected to the switch.

  • Routers:

    It is a simple device that is used to connect multiple networks. A simple example is that a router is used to connect a home network to the internet.

Wireless networking:  

On the contrary to the wired network, a wireless network does not require explicit wires to connect systems with one another. A wireless network can be used not only to connect computers with one another; it can also be used to connect to other devices.

  • A system can be connected to other systems
  • A laptop can be connected to a desktop
  • A mobile can be connected to a system or another mobile
  • Computer accessories like keyboards and mouse can also be connected without a wire to the system
  • A printer or a scanner can also be connected to a system from a distant place.

Two devices can be connected to the wireless network in different ways.

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WI-Fi- Wireless networks work using radio signals. Each computer that works in a wireless network has wireless LAN adapter.

  • When a system has to communicate, the adapter converts the data into radio signals and these signals are transferred through the antenna.
  • A wireless router which is connected to the internet with wired Ethernet connection through service provider acts as a hub. It understands the radio signal that is transmitted. It receives the signal, decodes it and sends it to the internet.
  • Similarly, it receives the signal from the internet, converts it into a radio signal and sends it to the system that requested it.

The Wi-Fi facility is available and can be connected from any convenient location near the router.

Bluetooth- This is another wireless technology used to make the devices to communicate with each other. These also use radio waves for the communication which has a range of detection of about 15 to 50 feet.

Infrared- This technology of data transfer was very common earlier which used light emitting diodes or lasers for transferring the data. The main disadvantage of this type of data transformation is that the data transmission fails when there are any obstacles between the devices.

Understand both the wired and wireless technology and use the necessary network for your office.



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