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Today’s world is all about information technology. Information Technology has its impact on our daily lives and it is the major driving force for our generation. It is basically a computer application to receive or send data. Also, it is used to store and manipulate electronic data. Most of the industries, such as software and hardware companies are dependent on information technology for their functioning. Also, it impacts the electronics and telecom industries. In fact, all e-commerce businesses are directly dependent on IT. They usually require the internet for buying or selling of products online.

IT has a direct influence on the economic development of a country. It helps in exchanging data in a very cost-effective way. Let’s try to understand more elaborately about IT.

Significance of Information Technology

  • IT helps in re-shaping of an organization. Its various tools help in increasing the production and giving good services to its customers. Internet is one of the finest tool that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.It helps a business to be updated about its competitors, interact directly with the clients and get feedback to improve their quality.
  • The various tools of IT help the user to speed up his work. It’s a great multi-tasker that can help in performing multiple functions at a time. Hence a lot of stress is reduced.
  • It is a very reliable source as they are not interrupted and a user can access without any hurdle.
  • Education field has completely changed because of IT. Nowadays, a lot of courses are available online which can be pursued by learners across the globe. All study materials regarding any subject is easily available online.
  • Social networks have simplified the human relationships. Thus, communication has become easier.
  • Looking for a job has become easier. Sitting at home, one can search for a suitable job and apply for it. Even interviews can be conducted online instead of physically meeting the employer. There are even options to work from home which makes life comfortable.
  • The agricultural sector has also benefited from IT. Now a farmer can use advanced methods of farming and can easily sell his products online without much effort.

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Role of Information Technology

Information Technology helps in capturing data using internet cookies. E-commerce businesses use these internet cookies to retrieve data to figure out the needs of their customers. Because of this, it helps them to improve and increase sales.

After a data is captured, next it is processed. Basically, data is converted, analyzed, computed and produced in all forms. The data is re-arranged as per the need of the business requirement. The information needs to be organized into a convenient form.

The data also needs to be stored so that it can be reused in the future. Data is usually retained using a database. Also, data can be searched and copied for further use.

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Benefits of IT for Business

There are innumerable advantages of IT in our lives. Some are as follows:

  • Business tasks are automated because of technology. This helps in saving a lot of effort and time. Thus, it leads to increase of production and making it more efficient.
  • Means of communication has improved a lot. Today, anybody can speak from anywhere using a phone. Or using a video conferencing, people can meet each other without being physically present. With an email, one can send a piece of information without any interruption and it will be received at the earliest on the other side. This has made the mobility of information very quick and convenient.
  • Cloud hosting services are used by various companies to keep their data confidential. This keep the information safe and secure. Also, a lot of paperwork is saved. It makes very easy for a user to access these data anytime from anywhere.
  • Financial accounting can be done using various accounting software that are available. This helps a business owner to balance their finances easily without having much knowledge about accounting.
  • Online promoting or launching a product has made it very affordable as it cuts a lot of costs. This helps in attracting more clients.
  • Various social media platforms are used by businesses to interact with their clients. This can be very useful in improving customer services. Advertising and offering discounts online can lead to increase in sales. It helps a company to grow and expand.

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