Technology has become such an important part of our lives that we cannot imagine a moment when we do not use it. For instance, at any time during the day, you are either checking your email, watching your high-definition television, checking messages on your latest I-phone, or cooking a recipe picked from the internet!

If our lives are so connected to technology, it is but obvious that education itself has transformed with the use of technology. Gone are the days when going to school meant hour after hour of reading and learning concepts that are rattled off by teachers. Concepts are explained repeatedly whether or not the children are able to understand it completely. An important part of understanding means visualizing it and many times that is lacking in a traditional form of schooling.

So, what is technology and how does it influence our education system?

Little girl using laptop in school

Technology is the use of modern tools and methods to upgrade the living status. In relating to education, it refers to an upgradation in the ways in which you impart knowledge- in schools, colleges, universities and so on. Technology has improved vastly in the last couple of decades and we have seen it as better quality papers, Dustless Chalk for schools, presentation software for colleges, collaboration to conduct classes and presentations online, conferencing tools and so on. Current technology allows us to learn, analyze and experiment with the information allowing us to understand concepts better.

Some of the important technologies that have influenced our education systems for the better are as follows:

  1. Learning without borders: Education is no more limited to the room, school or country that you belong to. Learning has always been synonymous with studying within four walls of either a classroom or a library. The Internet and other technologies have taken the learning out of the rooms and extending it to the book with cloud load and pencil vector illustration
  2. Ease of Assessments:A huge part of getting an education and a degree are assessments. How these assessments are conducted and have transformed over the years is definitely a revelation. There are innumerable courses that are conducted online and correspondence courses have gained recognition in the past decade or so. Many colleges and universities have completely digitized the process. As a result, they are able to conduct these exams without the involvement of humans, the results are announced online as well. These kind of assessments are especially of relevance for online and correspondence courses.
  3. Access to Information: Our world is increasingly becoming one without borders especially in the case of sharing of knowledge. Today, you can look for anything online and find detailed information- what it is, where you can find it, what you will have to pay for it and so on. This kind of access is invaluable where there are schools but no libraries or accessibility to books. E-books and online libraries have become very common these days and everyone has either read about it or experienced it. Google in conjunction with publishers and authors is attempting to create an online library that is complete while being virtual.
  4. Teaching aids: Technology is not only aiding those who seek knowledge but also those who impart such information. There are numerous teaching aids in today’s technology. For instance, there is Canvas which allows the instructor to organize lessons, share notes, syllabi, assignments and so on. It is not limited to only these but a teacher can do a lot more and use the tools to suit what they want to get done. They can organize online discussions and grading tools which seem to make the job a lot easier for teachers.Students using laptops

Instructors or teachers play a critical role in shaping the future of children. We can never forget our teachers and their unique methods or styles of teaching. Technology is now adding another element which allows the students to visualize concepts and contributes to deeper learning. Not only are regular students benefitting greatly from technology but differently-abled students are also able to take advantage of various applications that help initiate them into the mainstream. Multimedia and animation are some of the other areas which are being used by the teacher/student community to make presentations or studying more fun.

With technology permeating all parts of our lives, We will only see further improvements and jumps in technology in various fields. It will be difficult to imagine a life without the involvement of devices and various other technological innovations.




By Christina Morgan

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