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Everything does not come free of cost. One needs money for everything. Business is what most of people do for earning. There is a number of business one opts for. One such option is the IT business. There are a lot of aspects here one can build software or an application, or one could do IT services by doing repair and installations, or one could work on building networks and understand how to configure it. One can also build a website or host servers, thus there is a lot of opportunities to make money in this field.

In the current trend, no business can function without computers. It forms as a base for all business. When it comes to IT Company, it becomes bread and butter.

It is not so easy to set up an IT company as one may think. It needs a lot of knowledge about computers and networks. Here is what is needed to set up an IT Company apart from the usual basic applications.

Security Software:

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One will have to use external devices like compact disc and pen drives on the computer. If the external devices contain virus programs, then the computer and other computers in the network may get affected and it may lead to very big damage. If the computer is connected to the internet, then there is a higher possibility of such damage. So, each computer should have some antivirus and other important software that prevents malware and spyware.

Business Software:

Apart from the basic application, every company needs important software they are dealing with. A single application developed by Software Company has to pass through different phases like development, testing, and deployment. Each phase involves special software.

As the company has to deal with multiple projects, the company requires different software for different projects. So, one has to analyze about the projects and software that are required. Once the software is installed in the system, it does not mean that there won’t be any more requirements for software installation. As technology develops, more and latest software will be needed.

For example, one project may require tools like Informatica, Data Stage, and another project may require software like Microstrategy, Business Objects. In such cases, different software is required by different employees. So, based on the requirement the software has to be installed now and then.

Printers and scanners:

Though it is a software business, one cannot say that there won’t be any need for the printers and scanners. There are many situations where printers and scanners are used. A simple discussion about the project or analysis of the project’s data will be comfortable only when there is a hard copy of the data. Hence one needs printers and scanners in the company.


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This is very important in an IT company. As discussed above, a software company involves multiple software suites. There are situations where all employees need particular software, and there are also situations where it varies among the employees.

The development team may require Informatica  and reporting team may require micro strategy. It is not necessary for the development team to have a micro strategy in their system and vice versa.

Certain software occupies more space and it is better to install only those software that is required for the project. In such situations, all the software can be placed in a single system and can be accessed by the employees as and when needed. This is where networking is needed.

Apart from software, there are files that are project specific. Instead of having these files in all the systems, the Project manager or the team lead will have the files in his system and the team members will have to access it from their system. This can be done easily when these files are granted access as and when they are needed.

There are situations where the systems of the clients have to be accessed. In such cases, the remote desktops can be accessed with the help of VPN.

Networking is a vast area, which involves connecting to various devices with a computer by different means of hubs, switches or routers.


This has become very important these days. Connecting to the internet is more a basic need when everyone has any doubts they search for answers on the internet and there is a whole world of knowledge readily available at the click of a mouse. Hence it is important to have good internet access from a reliable service provider and with a desirable speed.

Thus setting up an IT office involves a lot of aspects to be addressed, planned and deployed.

By Christina Morgan

Hello. My name is Christina Morgan. I work for the IT company as an IT project manager. I love my job because I love to work with people and with new technologies. I can proudly say that my career is my biggest success. Information technology is an extremely interesting subject to discover and I would like to bring closer the aspects and the facts about IT. That is the main reason why I created I am thrilled to write the articles for you about computer technology, software, internet marketing, a career in IT, and technology in business.