Internet technology network and cyber security concept .

The following trends are the future significant concepts of Information Technology

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the concept of sharing hardware and software services over the internet. Thus, instead of localizing the data and services over a specific computer or server, distributing it across the internet among interested parties will benefit the entire organization in terms of

  • Reduced infrastructure cost
  • Easy access to information
  • machine-independent
  • Huge room for storage etc.

This concept has certain cons like privacy, data security, data governance, etc. Although still studies are carried out in completely overcoming the cons, several organizations have started implementing cloud computing in their immediate networks.

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Data Privacy

This aspect of the IT sector deals with the right to control the visibility or accessibility of certain personal data, stored in the computer systems which are of importance to the individuals or organizations.

For example, a patient can claim his rights to the hospital on maintaining the confidentiality of his medical problems and conditions. Similarly, a parent can rightfully ask the educational institution of his/her child to refrain from sharing the child’s information to any other third parties.

Certain countries like the USA have already employed strict laws with respect to data privacy.

To realize and effectuate data privacy, several methods like encryption, authentication questions, password protection, data masking, etc. can be followed.



Analytics is the concept of inferring insights from the collected or stored data of significant and relevant importance.

For example, by looking at the collected log data of an employee we can deduce his average working hours, time at which he commences his work, the time at which he leaves the office, etc.

On a higher management level, the above-mentioned data can help the managers to understand the effective working hours, employee’s active contributions, ways to improve and encourage the employee, etc.

Thus data analytics relies heavily on huge data that has to be collected and stored over time. Concepts like Bid Data Analytics are already there to concentrate on vast data management for the specified purposes.

Data Analytics concentrates

  • Optimization
  • Preventive measures
  • Future prediction etc.

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