Multiple data and cloud servers connected to each other, miniature people manage or store the data. Isometric design for Data Center concept.

The need for swift, highly secured and responsive IT that are environmentally friendly and business oriented has been necessitated by the economic uncertainty.

Business organizations are making frantic attempts at obtaining a competitive edge by plying the myriad opportunities provided by technology.

Many are cautious of jumping at the latest hyped solutions and buzz phrases. Hence, they have carefully investigated recent technology breakthroughs and discovered that many have the redistribution of IT roles in common. Therefore, the time to regain the technology strategy focused on hosted solutions is now!

Cloud computing has emerged as a major way to stand above others in the highly competitive market of today. A business that loose data continuously find themselves in a real position of collapsing since minutes of downtime can cause the loss of vital sales. The traditional corporate data center structure which resides within company premises can be changed by cloud computing. Hence, systems can be moved to secure data centers that are outsourced either in a public or private configuration.

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Private clouds are used exclusively for a particular company alone while public clouds have multiple companies utilizing the same resources. It is, therefore, necessary that additional research should be conducted to determine which of the cloud configuration serves your needs best, especially as it relates to the legal and privacy requirements.

Technology departments in most industries have similar problems such as budget cuts, downsizing personnel and still be able to achieve maximum output and pressuring technology to assert its value in assuaging pertinent business problems. Many IT departments move into the future with a possibly blind or vague vision by using great amounts of money to maintain core systems and focusing on the upkeep of day-to-day network upkeep.

This is an approach which leaves no time for innovative ideas, meeting strategic business objectives or process improvement. Organizations can gain a competitive edge if they move day-to-day operations out so as to permit the execution of strategic initiatives.

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The seemingly endless cum diverse potential of cloud computing makes it an attractive solution to some major issues in today’s business world. Be it the process of upgrading data entry applications,¬†overhauling demanding e-mail systems or launching new collaboration portals, the cloud makes them all an easy possibility. It has been discovered in the past that engineers of all sorts, including security, database, integrations, and applications were needed on staff in order to start up new initiatives.

Hosted solutions offer all the necessary information without heavy staffing costs. Developing a partnership with a good and reliable IT solutions provider will have a great effect on the success of your initiatives. A good hosting provider will function directly as an extended arm of your information technology department.

This is because it offers solutions to business problems discovered in the renewed information technology approach. Hence, the success of your business implies that they are successful also. The email is the best medium of communication used in the twenty-first-century workplace. It, however, becomes even more complex on a daily basis.

The email is an important workflow component and an awesome way of automating communication (increasing the flow of information to employees and customers alike) without draining the time used up by an employee to send reports and updates. An increased number of applications have specifically been developed to integrate with the messaging system of the company.

Some of these applications automatically generate bills while others send out vital projects notifications and warnings. Opportunities for integration might be lost without the necessary expertise for each of its parts. This might pose the danger of losing internal and external communication for the businesses.

And this ultimately implies that they would be poor customer service and a decreased profit. Cloud has overwhelmingly proven to be successful at replacing traditional business e-mail environments.

The cost of software, constant applications training and sever replacement makes the traditional business e-mail environment system expensive in terms of maintenance. Also, the time you spend attending to IT infrastructure eats into valuable time expended on streamlining the old and expensive system.

Multiple data and cloud servers connected to each other, miniature people manage or store the data. Isometric design for Data Center concept.

Remember that efficiency is a priority in business and if you choose to be inefficient, your competition will use that as an edge over you. Once upon a time, a mid-sized organization found itself in a difficult situation. Its mailbox database had reached its maximum holding capacity without any possibility of creating more message stores. This was due to the fact that they were operating on an old Microsoft Exchange platform.

Three of the servers which had served as the backbone of the Exchange system had almost clocked a decade and they were experiencing malfunctions of the hardware. The only probable option opened to them then was an expensive investment in soft and hardware. The IT management team, however, realized the benefits of a Microsoft Exchange hosting solution.

So, they went seeking a reputable hosting provider to address these growth-related problems. They had to undergo a period of careful planning and execution in which local servers were moved to the outsourced data center.

The results were quite impressive!

The first month after this transition witnessed the reduction by 10% of help desk calls. The e-mail availability also increased more than ever and the team of systems experts at their disposal received all the kudos. The new Exchange hosting team executed regular critical systems updates and maintenance. They also monitored key performance indicators in an active manner.

Discrepancies were also resolved with immediate effect. With the former e-mail infrastructure and company Information Technology staff members, it would have been almost impossible to achieve such dedication and proactive response. The move to a Microsoft Exchange hosted service put to rest the idea of procuring brand new servers or investing in the latest software upgrades.

The company will no more have to spend huge amounts of money on replacing hardware damaged unexpectedly. The fixed hosting costs paid on a monthly basis would rather assist the company to keep a balanced budget for their IT expenditure and would also ensure the wise utilization of the company’s funds.

The Microsoft Exchange hosted solution comes with a leading anti-spam solution and an e-compliant archiving system. The availability of these facilities does not let the company spend extra money on getting these features, thereby helping the company to save money.

All these technological knowledge translated into better service for the customer. The business is now stronger with a robust adaptive e-mail system and a comprehensive electronic audit trail. The four-tier data center where the e-mail service is deposited is a welcome addition to the company disaster recovery plan.

Apart from the many benefits of this wise business move, the sum of $50,000 is saved yearly and there are fewer carbon emissions since the old servers will be retired. Leaders and innovators in the technological field must avoid basing success on traditional measurements (relying on backup and network uptime for instance).

You should rather create a strategic IT plan with input from the company’s executives as this would open up new possibilities. Technology enables the positive growth of business and cloud computing is a method of yielding measurable results in business by converting information technology into good and sound business technology.


By Christina Morgan

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