You keep your home clean by removing old and outdated stuff from around the house. Similarly, a complete dusting and a thorough cleanup of all corners of the house give us a satisfactory feeling that you have a dust-free and sparkling home. Computers like all electronics need to be dusted and cleaned physically on a daily basis. If you are short of time and prefer doing it monthly, there are various products available in the market that will allow you to take care of dust that has been built up over a period.

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Physically cleaning the components:

  1. Always remember to spray the cleaning liquid onto a cloth and then use the cloth to wipe down parts of the computer.
  2. Always ensure you switch off your computer before cleaning up the parts.
  3. A vacuum can be used to suck out the dust as long as the computer is not open. If you want to clean parts inside the computer, there are cans of compressed air available which can be used to clean quite well.
  4. There are various things that you can use to clean the parts. Some of the recommended ones are:
  • Cotton clothes are best used to wipe down the parts like a mouse, keyboards drives etc.
  • The only recommended liquids that can be used to clean the parts of the computer are water or rubbing alcohol.
  • Cotton swabs are very useful to clean those hard to reach spots. In addition, small tiny brushes are available that you can use to scrub off tiny places where dust may have accumulated.
  • It is said that a keyboard has more germs than your regular toilet seat and that is a scary fact! While most people just turn over the keyboard and shake the dirt out, a more sensible way would be to use compressed air. It cleans up the dust from hidden spots.Network gadget set with flat mobile phone tablet and laptop isolated vector illustration

Apart from the physical cleaning of the computer, you should pay attention to digitally clean up your system. Over a period, we tend to add more than we need on our computers and it takes up space and your computer slows down considerably. So, how do you go about the process:

  1. Regular clean-up of installed applications: With the constant usage of the computer, we tend to lose track of the applications we install and how it has built up over a period. It is necessary to make a list of applications that you use and uninstall ones that have become outdated. Having lesser applications is always an advantage as it uses lesser space on your operating system making it more quick and responsive. Also, any application that you may need can be re-installed later depending on your need.
  2. General clutter: It is common to see that files and folders have gotten larger over a period of While this cannot be avoided, you can always set aside time to delete files and folders that you no longer use. Many a time, we create folders with pictures, music or document files which we may no longer use. However, we forget to delete them and they continue to occupy space on the computer. While there are programs like CClean or System mechanic to clean up your computer periodically, all you need to do is to spend a few minutes to go through the files to delete the ones you don’t need anymore and you are good to go.
  3. Browser clean-ups: The amount of time we spend these days on the web, junk tends to add up. So, how do we clean up? It is important to clean up the cached files, browsing history, and plug-in data. There are programs like CCleaner which do an awesome job of removing unwanted data from your computer. Clearing history from time to time while you browse will also save you some effort. Going through your “download” folder to remove unwanted files or downloads will also help keep your computer clean.

It is so important to keep your computers, its peripherals, and components. Just spending 20 minutes a week will keep your computer clean. This will keep your processor free from unwanted junk that makes it slow and unresponsive. A digital clean-up will extend the life of the computer and allow you to use it problem-free.









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