Data is one of the most vital aspects of your computer. Be it the mobile phone or the laptop, the data from the device must be stored carefully in a secure location. Fresh data keeps coming in every day. It could be in the form of short message services, images or information from the internet. The storage space on the device is but limited. It is important to keep track of the storage capacity, the free space available and how much data comes in on an average. Once a certain amount of space is left, it is time to clean up the spam data and transfer the important and essential information to a safe location. This safe location could be anything between an external hard disc to the cloud. That is up to the user. The point is that the data must be backed up at all costs.

There are many reasons to have an automated backup for your data. It can be set up manually too of course.

• Risk factor

In case the mobile phone gets stolen or misplaced, the data on the device should not be rendered inaccessible. It is indeed a boon to be able to retrieve the same information from another device. That is the magic of having back up. Data such as contacts should always be backed up on places such as the Google Cloud. This comes in handy when you are changing your mobile phones as well. You can also access them from your computer in case your phone is not with you. The risk of losing the information forever is minimized when you have saved the same data in different locations.

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• The bane of technology

Everyone relies on technology. Simple phone numbers are not memorized because it is all available online or on the system. The dependence on technology increases every day. In case the system crashes, the data must be retrievable via other means. Crashing of the hard disc is more common than one would think. In such extreme yet plausible scenarios, it is important to back up the data regularly so that nothing is lost.

• Avoid double work

Time is money. The pain of having to redo work because the data was lost is incredibly excruciating. The quote – when you do something, do it well and do it right the first time – makes complete sense, especially in the world of computers. Once the file is created, ensure that you have created a back up for it online or on another external hard disc. Minor failures and virus attacks can make you lose your data and you will end up losing valuable manpower as well.

• Saves time

Since the backup can be accessed from any location and any device, transfer of the data is not required. The internet is a very powerful medium. When utilized well, it can save a lot of time, money and energy. Backing up the data means it can be re-used by many people at once and is considered to be one of the most important roles in the industry. There are people dedicated to ensuring the safety and the protection of the data.
Simple ways to back up data
Backing up data is really not that complicated. An automated process can be set up so that even if you forget, the system will take care of the procedure without fail.

• External hard disc

Black external hard disk connecting to a laptop on a blue background.

The thing about technology is that the more you spend on it, the better the quality and the standard. Make a good investment and get a high-quality external drive. This removable disc will ensure that even if the system crashes, the data on the drive is safe and protected.

• Online backup

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There are many services available online that will regularly retrieve your data and store it. This data cannot be accessed without a password. It is safe and secure and unlikely to be lost. It could be on the cloud, Google drive or anything that you are comfortable with. It is a personal choice.

• Schedule the backup

After an initial complete backup of the entire system, make sure that automatic backups are performed regularly. This backup will include only that data that has been added or changed post the initial backup. This is to ensure that there is no duplicate.


By Richard N. McMahan

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