Computers are an absolutely essential part of human life today. Once you have realized what a crucial invention it is, you might consider buying one for yourself sooner than later. The tough part is getting to know which computer is the right one for you.

There are different kinds of computers available today and they have been designed keeping different users in mind. The needs of a student or a corporate professional are different and hence they would need a computer best suited for their specific requirements.

Computers also are available in different price ranges. The ones with the basic features might cost lesser while the more expensive models may have superior hardware components. It is important to consider your needs and then buy a computer so that you do not buy a model with features you would rarely use.

Here is a list of tips that will help you buy the right kind of computer with the right components and elements.

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  • Should I buy a laptop computer or a desktop computer?

This is the most basic question you should ask yourself. If you need to have a computer with you all the time, then you should buy a laptop. If you need a steady space to work, then the desktop is a good choice.

Laptops are more expensive than desktops and you can get yourself a desktop with better specifications in the same budget as a laptop. Desktops have a longer life and you can also achieve the best performance using desktops.

If you need to have a computer with you only occasionally you could consider buying a netbook or tablet as an affordable choice along with a desktop.

  • The processor:

The processor of the computer is considered to be its brain. The speed of a computer depends on the processor it has. The speed is measured in GHz. The bigger the number, the faster it can process data and hence the better it is.

The higher the number of cores of the processor, the more is the ability to multitask as each can work on different tasks. If you need a computer for basic usage, then it would be wise to buy a processor with one or two cores and avoid spending too much money.

  • RAM:

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Random Access Memory or RAM is a small form of memory that is fast. RAM can determine how fast the computer can be and the amount of multitasking it can handle.

RAM is measured in gigabytes and the bigger the number, the faster the computer can access the required information. Having more RAM means that it is easy for the computer to easily switch between multiple tasks. This can be helpful especially if you like to use a number of browser windows while working.

  • The hard drive:

One of the biggest advantages of a computer is its ability to store information for easy access. The RAM does store some amount of data but the major amount of data is stored in the hard drive. The most important thing to consider when choosing the hard drive is the amount of usage of the computer.

The hard drive is measured in gigabytes or terabytes for the larger drives. All the files and programs are stored in the hard drive. If you were going to use it to store basic applications without any media, then a small drive would fit your needs. Larger drives are more expensive.

  • The operating system:

The two most widely used operating systems are Windows and Mac OS. Mac is easy to use and it is great for beginners. If you like to be in control of the computer and its various components and settings, the Windows OS would be a better choice.

It is important to remember that when buying a software check for compatibility with the operating system. All software will not run on every operating system.

  • The peripherals:

You will need to decide which of these are the most essential to you.

  • USB: USB ports are required if you need to use a mouse, keyboard or even a hard drive. Having a fast USB port will be really helpful if your work requires transferring large amounts of data


  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: These are very essential for laptop users as they help you in wireless connectivity.


  • SD slot: An SD slot is an easy way to transfer pictures from an SD card to the computer. This is essential for people who work with photography.

Technology is always evolving and it is possible that the computer you just bought might have a better version sooner than you imagined. Checking for sales when buying at a store or online can help you save money and get some good deals too.

Buying a computer will definitely be an easier task with the help of our information.

By Christina Morgan

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